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Micro-Projects in Guatemala and Belize


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23.10.2020 - Artículo

The German Embassy receives annually funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the implementation of micro-projects in Guatemala and Belize. The main objective is to respond to the basic needs of the most vulnerable population groups in a fast, flexible and effective manner.

The selected initiatives are subsidized with up to 16,000 euros (approximately 135,000 quetzales) and are implemented through active participation by the project beneficiaries. Applications are received from October to the end of January of the following year.

Please check the attached documents (application) for more information on our micro-project fund program 2021.

Project example:

Construction of a bridge

The inhabitants of the Community of San José Pacho del Quiché faced infrastructural problems when commuting to their departmental capital, but in cooperation with the German Embassy they were able to build a bridge that facilitates the access to Santa Cruz del Quiché.

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